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"JUST IN" There's an old saying that when the student if ready the teacher will come. Well a great teacher in my life just developed her own web site. check out if you would!!!

Brett Leake
I am not only a fan of this guy I am honored to be considered a friend. Do yourself a huge favor and visit Get his PBS special and see what I mean. He is perfect for any corporate or private function He's done like a million Tonight Shows and is a favorite of Meeting Planners where ever he goes

Frank King CSP a King among men! Handsdown the best in corporate comedy
It is an honor to lose a gig to him!

Mike Aronin my buddy, if Frank King is a King among men
Michael Aronin is the Prince

Grover Silcox This man is more then a comic.
He's more then the definition of cool.
He is like my comedy Mentor.
He has taught me more about Stand Up comedy then anyone I know.
Visit it and book Grover NOW!!!!

Jeff Pirrami Is the Funniest person I know is Jeff Pirrami.
To see him rip apart a heckler is a wonderful thing
Hands down a Comic's Comic and someone whose coattails I plan on riding
Ask me about what he said to me when I asked him what he was doing for Thanksgiving

Dobie Maxwell No funny list could be complete without Dobie Maxwell He is class times ten
An amazing funny human being. No, damn it a Comedy god. What would Chicago be like without him? If you ever wanted to learn how to do Stand Up get Dobie's tapes BEFUNNY MAKE MONEY at
Also listen to him on his cool radio show in Chicago or the internet visit

Steve Purcell I met this guy in Chicago at the Chicago Comedy Conference I have this theory that one guy can meet another guy and in like two seconds you are long lost brothers.
That's Steve and that's Dobie. Steve and I tossed a lot of beer and Mexican food that weekend so you can only imagine what our hotel rooms smelled like. He is like the Hoss Cartwright of comedy. Check out his site Steve is based out of Wisconsin and he's the guy you want to be on Last Comic Standing with.

John Kensil This guy makes me laugh all the time an is great to hang out with.
We call him Captain Crazy because you never know what he's going to say.
Ask him about the time he accidentally built a gay robot.
Now if he would just update his site all would be right with the world

Billy Crystal A huge influence on me growing up

Tom Dreesen He was the first guy I ever say do Catholic material.
I just met him and he is as nice of a man as he is funny.
There's a reason Mr.Sinatra had him as his opening act!
Go see him live! It's worth it.

Kevin Meaney This cat is just fun to watch and just floats on stage
Even with the big pants.

Robin Williams Say what you want, he was the first guy I ever saw doing improv

Bob Hope The man created radio and tv I remember watching him with my Grandfather I didn't know what he was talking about, but I really dug it

Deb DiSandro What no women on my list??? HA! Here ya go. Deb is from Chicago and she is a wonderful writer and speaker. She is great for your next corporate event. Check out her She and I are doing a show in Chicago in the spring. Stay tune for dat!

David Brenner on the Mike Douglas show Come on he's from Philly

Speaking of Philly you got to have Dom Irrera and I don't mean that in a bad way

Joe Conklin
Speaking of Philly again.....The best voice guy you will ever see.
Watch it because if you are around him long enough he will do you better then you do you!
Perfect for any Sports function or Golf outing.
Not bad for a graduate of Cardinal Doughert

Billy Connolly
I am in shock watching this man perform We don't know much about him in the US of A but he is the best Stand Up Comic I've ever seen

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